4 Tips for Salon Appointments if You Have Naturally Curly Hair

4 Tips for Salon Appointments if You Have Naturally Curly Hair

For many women, when it comes to their hair type, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you’ve got silky, poker-straight locks you’ll long for the voluminous springy curls that other women would be happy to trade away. When you embrace the natural beauty of what you were born with, you can really start to focus on providing the best possible care for that hair type, instead of inflicting damage trying to change it.

We’re by no means saying that you shouldn’t opt for a dramatic transformation for a special occasion, just don’t spend hours every morning try to wrestle a square peg into a round hole! The expert stylists at roots Salon in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have years of experience in helping women get healthiest, most beautiful hair of their life, so we’ve collected some of their best tips for managing salon appointments. Today, we’re focusing on ladies with natural curls.

  • Don’t leave it too long between cuts

We’ve talked on the blog before about the importance of regular cuts, but it bears repeating! To keep your curls in top condition, you should be booking an appointment at a salon in Abu Dhabi or Dubai every eight weeks or so to ensure that your ends stay even and damage to the hair shaft is minimised. The longer you wait, the deeper split ends will go, meaning you’ll have to lose more of your length when you finally go in for a chop.

  • Sync your appointment with your wash cycle

It might seem logical to rock up to your appointment with 4-day old curls scrunched up into a bun. Why bother washing and styling it when you’re about to have it done professionally, right? But actually, you really need your stylist to see your curls looking their best so they know how they naturally fall. Without this information, you might end up with a cut that doesn’t work with your true texture. If you can, wash and style your hair as you normally would the day before your appointment.

  • Opt for dry cuts

The expert stylists at roots Salons in Abu Dhabi and Dubai already know the importance of cutting curls dry, but if you go elsewhere, you might need to give them a little reminder. Curls naturally stretch out when wet so it’s difficult to anticipate how short they’ll go and how the texture will affect the overall shape. Make sure the initial cut is done before the wash and tidied up after drying.

  • Take home the right products

It’s a complaint we hear over and over again – “my curls always look amazing fresh out of the salon, but I can never replicate the look at home!” More often than not, this is because you aren’t using the same salon-quality products and professional techniques that stylists are using at salons in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. At the end of your appointment, ask your stylist which products they used and which they recommend for maintaining your fresh look. It’s true that these products can be pricey, but you get what you pay for. Invest in your crowning glory and you’ll reap the rewards!

We hope you’ll be following our stylists’ tips for your next salon appointment. If you’d like to book that with us, please do so here. We look forward to welcoming you to our salon!


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