5 Must-Try Hair Colours for Autumn/Winter 2018

5 Must-Try Hair Colours for Autumn/Winter 2018

With the heady days of summer behind us, it’s now time to look toward autumn and winter trends for our hair colour inspiration. Summer was all about bold, bright and, in some cases, rather high-maintenance hair colours. As we move into the cooler months of the year, we’re seeing more colours inspired by nature and colouring styles that make the most of the shade you were naturally blessed with.

When you’re planning your next visit to a top European salon in Abu Dhabi, ask about trying one of the trendy hair colours we’ve described below:

1. Pink gold

Rose gold is a universally flattering (not to mention wildly popular) colour in jewelry, and we’ve seen a wide variety of interpretations in the hair shade. For 2018, we’re seeing a richer, warmer version of the colour tinged with strawberry. Think “lion’s mane at sunrise” rather than rose and pastel. Consult with your stylist at a salon in Abu Dhabi to find a version of the shade that best compliments your skin tone.

2. Rich chestnut

Oh hey there, Wonder Woman. A deep, strong chestnut is a classic shade for a reason. It’s ideal for a polished, professional look that will take you directly from the boardroom to a hot date. Want to give the look some extra oomph? A few warm, feathery highlights can mitigate any risk of it looking flat.

3. Lowlit roots

Want to rock a cool blonde or a bright unnatural shade but don’t want the stress of keeping up with colouring your roots? We hear you! Speak to a stylist at a salon in Abu Dhabi about painting on some lowlights to blend your roots and new colour. It leaves you with a style that’s simultaneously edgy and effortless.

4. Muted ash blonde

Gold and honey are gorgeous shades of blonde that have echoed the glorious sunshine we’ve had all summer long, but now it’s time to try something a little cooler. Heading toward winter, expect to see a lot more ashy blondes. The key to keeping it fresh is a regular toning shampoo that knocks out brassiness. Want to ramp it up even more? Go for icy-grey highlights. It’s an unexpected and youthful twist on the shade.

5. Coppery red

Inspired by the changing leaves, autumn always brings a few shades of red to the front of our minds (and the top of our heads!) Salons in Abu Dhabi will this year be applying rich and vibrant shades of coppery red to their clientele’s hair. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – it’s a glorious, bold shade for the wild at heart. If you’ve always fancied going red, now’s the time to try it.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in these five hair colour trends! The next time you book an appointment at roots Salon in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, be sure to ask your stylist about how to make them work for you.


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