5 reasons to ditch the razor and start professional waxing in Dubai

5 reasons to ditch the razor and start professional waxing in Dubai

For many women (and men!), regular hair removal is simply a fact of life. In Dubai and all over the world, most of us turn to shaving as our preferred method. It tends to be cheaper and is largely considered painless, but is it really the best option? Today, we’re exploring the reasons why it’s time to ditch the razor and turn to regular professional waxing in Dubai.

Fun fact: Waxing has been around for thousands of years. The earliest known use of wax for hair removal took place in ancient Egypt.

The effects last longer

Ahh, there’s nothing like stepping out of the shower with freshly shaved legs and feeling the smooth, sleek texture of your skin… for three hours. If you’re anything like us, you’re always disappointed with how short-lived the results of shaving are. Stubble seems to reappear overnight and it can feel like a never-ending battle. With waxing, hair is removed at the root which means much slower regrowth. Most people won’t need to wax again for another 3-6 weeks.

It’s faster and more precise

Shaving feels quick because you can do it as part of your regular routine while bathing, but in truth, it’s a lot less efficient than waxing. Waxing can be done in large swathes and is far more precise. Awkward areas like the bikini line and ankles require some serious attention to detail if you’re going to remove all the hair with a razor, but a professional aesthetician can strip the hair in moments!

You’re less prone to cuts and infection

Who among us has not felt the sharp sting of an accidental nip with a razor? Believe it or not, you’re far more likely to cut yourself with a blunt razor than a sharp one, and we don’t replace our razor blades nearly as often as we should. You should actually be replacing your razor blade every 5-6 shaves or at least once a month. If left to languish in your bathroom, your razor could also experience a build-up of bacteria that can cause nasty infections. Professional waxing is sterile and won’t cause nasty cuts!

Waxing results in thinner hair regrowth

This reason actually works in two ways. Firstly, the appearance of regrowth from waxing is thinner and softer — when hair grows from the follicle, it naturally tapers at the tip. Shaving results in a blunt cut that’s in line with your skin, so it feels sharper (stubbly!) and looks thicker, which is why regrowth from shaving looks like tiny dots. Secondly, professional waxing actually damages the hair bulb as it removes the hair. Over time, the damage can be so great that the bulb is no longer able to produce hair at all, resulting in thinner, sparser regrowth.

Smoother skin

Even if you shave with a razor that boasts moisturising properties, you’re unlikely to receive any skin benefits from using it. However, with professional waxing in Dubai, you get an exfoliating effect due to the wax lifting not just hair but also the layer of dead cells that form on skin. You’ll find your skin feels much smoother and will respond better to moisturiser as it’s actually able to penetrate the skin.

We hope you’ve been enlightened by our reasons and now agree with us that professional waxing is the way forward for smooth, hairless skin! If you’d like to book an appointment with a top European salon in Dubai for your first waxing appointment (or hundredth!) get in touch today.

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