5 Things You Should Always Tell Your Hairstylist

5 Things You Should Always Tell Your Hairstylist

You know the “rules.” You know you should technically be getting your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks and that you should never attempt that trendy new rainbow balayage you saw on Pinterest at home. Surrounded by pots of luminous dye, you’re brimming with confidence… Until you see the results and remember why you usually head to a professional salon in Abu Dhabi when you fancy a new look. Trying to strip the colour out with another home remedy, you end up with dry, frazzled ends and dull, slightly-green looking mop on your head. Finally it’s time to admit defeat, hop in the car and head to the salon for an emergency appointment. But when you’re sitting in the chair, will you tell the whole truth?

Many of us are guilty of telling little white lies to our hairstylists. “Of course I don’t use box dyes!” “My hair’s usually much thicker than this…” “I can definitely dedicate an hour and a half to styling it exactly like this every morning, thanks.” Unfortunately, being anything other than completely honest can really backfire when we have a style that’s unmanageable or totally different to what we were envisioning.

Here are the five things you should always reveal to your hairstylist before they even touch your hair!


How much time you spend on your hair per day

If you know that you’re more of a “pull a comb through it, spritz on some dry shampoo and go” kind of girl, don’t get a labour-intensive style that requires you spend a while fiddling with your hair to get it looking the way you want. That choppy, structured bob with the full fringe might look great on your Pinterest board, but if you know it means flat-ironing the fringe and artfully applying wax to your ends every day, there’s a strong chance you’ll end up hating it.



How much heat-styling you do

A professional hairstylist at a hair salon in Abu Dhabi can usually tell if you do a great deal of heat-styling based on the condition of your hair, but it’s not always obvious. If you’ve been dutifully tonging your hair into those “effortless” beachy waves every day for the last 15 years, there’s a good chance you will have some heat damage that can affect the way colour and certain treatments take to your hair. Equally, if you do very little, make sure you let your stylist know so they can work with your natural texture.

If you’ve used an at-home colourant

It’s the number one bug-bear of hairstylists everywhere. The client swears up and down they’ve never tried at-home dying, but the newly-orange hair that they’re now sporting says different. If you’ve used a box dye and you now want to get your hair professionally coloured at a salon in Abu Dhabi, just be honest about it! It’s much harder to correct problems caused by old dyes than it is to work around them.

If you’ve used henna or “brightening” products that claim to “naturally lighten hair”

Any product that claims to “naturally” change the colour of your hair is still chemically changing its structure. Trying to tell your stylist you’ve just spent a lot of time in the sun when you’ve actually been using a brightening product for those natural streaks can end up causing damage when they try to apply bleach or other chemical treatments. Save yourself the anxiety and ‘fess up…

Pictures that show your dream hairstyle

Everyone uses different language to describe hairstyles, textures and colours. When you say “blonde bob” you might be envisaging a sleek, platinum, asymmetric style. Others might picture a shoulder-skimming, honey balayage with natural waves. The more information you can give your stylist, the better. A picture says a thousand words, so gather up your inspo and show them exactly what you’re talking about.

So now you know exactly which secrets you should be spilling to your stylist, it’s time to book your next appointment at a roots Salon in Abu Dhabi or Dubai! Get your moodboard ready, and look forward to the hairstyle of your dreams. Book your appointment here.


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