6 of the worst nail trends that have no place 2018

6 of the worst nail trends that have no place 2018

Running nail salons in Dubai means we get to see a lot of new beauty trends. We love seeing the creativity of new nail styles, hair colours and out-of-this-world makeup looks. One of the best things about beauty is that there’s no one set way to embrace it! We’re coming into the eighth year of the 2010s (what are we calling these by the way? The teenies?) and we’ve already seen so many amazing new product inventions, techniques and styles. The best European salons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are always looking for cutting edge technology and procedures to give their clients the best experience, so we like to keep an eye out!

Of course, the thing about unbound creativity is that we’ll occasionally come up with some seriously questionable inventions. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on nail trends. Whether it’s because they’re impractical, nearly impossible to create or just downright ugly, these are the nail trends we’d like to ban from 2018. (Though we’d like to believe that no woman would be asking for them at nail salons in Dubai!)

  1. Caviar

Kicking off our list is arguably one of the least offensive of the crazy nail trends of the last decade. Caviar nails involve applying lots of tiny little beads to semi-wet nail polish to give a “bumpy” appearance. The beads are usually then sealed-in with a layer of clear topcoat. This look hit its peak in 2012 and it wasn’t long before more affordable brands began releasing bottles of the beads and the trend went mainstream.

Why we’re not into it: If anyone here has ever attempted a caviar manicure, you know how fiddly it is. The beads are nearly impossible to control and unless you want to spend hours applying them individually, the final look is almost always messy. It gets even worse when they inevitably begin to chip away leaving gaps in the nail.

2. Bubble

Bubble manicures hit the headlines in 2015 when shots of the bizarrely-shaped acrylic nails began popping up on Instagram. They involve placing a large ball of acrylic at the centre of the nail and rounding it off at the tip. The acrylic is thinned out at the cuticle, giving the appearance of a bubble swelling out from your finger tip.

Why we’re not into it: Anything on nails (or pretty much anywhere on the human body) that looks like it could be about to pop is a no for us.

3. Duck feet

Another product of 2012, duck feet or ‘flared’ manicures involved applying acrylics that were much too large for the nail and shaving them down at the sides to meet your natural nail bed. The eventual look being a nail that’s much wider at the tip than at the cuticle — like a duck’s foot!

Why we’re not into it: The sharp points at the side of the nail would make it difficult to do all sorts of things. Can you imagine your man proposing and him not being able to get the engagement ring over your questionable mani? Avoid.

4. Piercings

Pierced nails have actually been around since the 90s, but they experienced a bit of a revival early in 2017 thanks to queen of beauty Kim Kardashian’s multi-hoop manicure that she showed off on Snapchat. Fake nails are essential for anyone attempting this as real ones simply aren’t strong enough to support the hardware. Also, would you really be comfortable drilling a hole through the tip of your nail?

Why we’re not into it: It’s incredibly impractical. Can you imagine running your fingers through your hair and getting the piercings stuck?

5. Fur

Furry nails were the gross-out manicure you couldn’t avoid in 2016. Believe it or not this trend was born on the runway. It was Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 show at New York Fashion Week that planted this seed in the mind of every nail-obsessed creative. A few months later, it was all over social media and burned into our psyche forever.

Why we’re not into it: What can be cool in an editorial shoot or on the runway can be a nightmare in real life. The look is practically ruined as soon as you get it wet and there’s something severely off-putting about furry nails in the first place. We’re glad this one seems to have died out as quickly as it hit the limelight.

6. Aquarium

The pièce de résistance of insane nail trends has to be the aquarium. This technically impressive look requires layering two acrylics on the nail with oil injected into the space between. Suspended in the oil can be all manner of things, the most popular being glitter or tiny ocean-inspired trinkets like shells and fish. It’s a look that has popped up semi consistently over the past four or so years in various iterations.

Why we’re not into it: Some of the most subtle designs can actually be quite pretty (if a little over-the-top) but this is one of those trends that people will just take way too far. As a perfect example, in December 2017 it somehow became “a thing” to build entire snow globes on your nails.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of wild nail trends and are now itching for a classically beautiful manicure at a nail salon in Dubai or Abu Dhabi!

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