Does microblading hurt?

Does microblading hurt?

If you’ve been keeping up with the roots Salon blog, you’ll know that we’ve been singing the praises of microblading for months now. Not only does it give you the most natural, beautiful brows of your life, it also lasts up to two years which means you don’t have to worry about filling them in every morning. With several experienced microblading technicians on our staff, we see dozens of men and women leaving the salon feeling (and looking!) confident and happy with their new brows every week.

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of microblading, there is still a lot of misinformation and confusion about the procedure which can turn people off of the idea. Here at roots we’re making sure we set the record straight so you can feel comfortable and prepared before making the decision to commit to microblading. This week, we’re answering the question: Doe microblading hurt?

How does microblading work?

To answer the question of whether or not it hurts, it’s important to first understand what the process of microblading involves. To create the fine, feathery strokes that epitomise microbladed brows, a very thin blade comprised of a row of tiny needles is used to apply a custom blend of pigments under the top layers of skin.

In many ways, it is a lot like getting a tattoo. The difference is that multiple needles are used at once, and the pigments in tattoos are placed deeper under the dermis. Tattoos typically penetrate seven layers of skin, whilst microblading only goes to two (about 1mm deep).

If you have a phobia of needles, it would be perfectly understable if you were cringing at the last paragraph. Our technicians often work with clients who are nervous around needles after associating them with unpleasant medical procedures. We can say with confidence that even if you’re the kind of person that faints during a blood test, you’re unlikely to experience the same level of anxiety during a microblading appointment. The blades themselves are very short and, as you can see above, look nothing like the kind of needles used by doctors! So, please don’t feel that being uncomfortable around needles will prevent you from getting microblading, they’re completely different experiences.

What does microblading feel like?

The truth is, there’s no simple way to describe how “painful” microblading is going to be as it will vary between individuals. What we can tell you is that many experts (including our technicians) believe that it feels more uncomfortable rather than downright painful. If you’ve had a tattoo before, you can rest assured that it won’t hurt anywhere near as much as that.

If you have multiple tattoos, you’ll know that some areas are far more sensitive than others, and a needle that barely registered in one place can be a grit-your-teeth kind of experience in another. The skin on your face is thinner and typically more sensitive than skin elsewhere which leads many people to believe that it will hurt more. However, the shallow needles and short strokes mean that people will rarely (if ever) feel a lot of pain – it actually tends to be the sound of the machine whirring away that gives people the most concern.

Managing discomfort during microblading

Professional technicians will provide you with a numbing cream to use on your brow bone a few minutes before they begin microblading. This cream contains lidocaine which is the same active ingredient used by dentists to numb the mouth and gums before dental procedures. After the use of this cream, most people feel only the slightest scratches and mild discomfort. If the sound bothers you, we would also recommend bringing along some headphones and relaxing with your favourite tunes to help stave off any nerves.

In conclusion: microblading isn’t nearly as painful as many people believe it to be, and with a numbing cream you’re unlikely to feel anything but mild discomfort. If this has convinced you that it’s finally time for your first microblading appointment, please get in touch with roots Salon today.


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