How Often Should You Book Microblading Appointments?

How Often Should You Book Microblading Appointments?

The eyebrow industry is booming. And make no mistake – it is indeed an industry. Globally, we’re now spending £164 billion a year just on primping and preening our way to perfect brows (and that’s just makeup products). If you’ve experienced the joy of a brow transformation, you’ll know exactly why we’re so obsessed with pursuing beautiful, face-framing brows that elevate our features. This experience is perhaps never better encapsulated than when it comes to a microblading appointment.

Microblading is a transformative semi-permanent makeup technique that involves a trained expert applying customised pigment to your brown bone in very fine strokes using a small needle. It’s ideal for women looking to reshape their natural brow, correct mistakes caused by waxing or over-plucking or simply to increase the fullness and precision of your current style.

Microblading is 100% flexible and customisable, so it can be done on any skin tone and skin type with any shade of hair. The fully-trained technicians at roots Salons in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have worked with hundreds of delighted clients who have one burning question on their mind once they’ve seen the final results of microblading – how long does it last?

How long does microblading last?

Like all semi-permanent treatments, microblading will of course not last forever. However, with proper care and attention, your new brows can last for between one and three years. To keep your microbladed brows looking their best it’s essential to revisit the salon after 4-6 weeks for a touch up. The healing process is a little different for everyone, and your technician will need to see how your skin has responded to the procedure to ensure the best-looking and most long-lasting results.

If for whatever reason you decide that microblading isn’t for you, you need simply wait for the pigment to fade away. The placement is so natural-looking that it’s rarely obvious to other people that you’re phasing out microbladed brows.

In the far more likely case that you’ve fallen in love with your brows and would like to keep them looking their best for the foreseeable future, you need to book a new microblading appointment every 12-18 months to have the treatment redone by a trained technician.

Is microblading for you?

Semi-permanent makeup is a commitment, so deciding to book your first microblading appointment shouldn’t be a rash decision. At roots Salons, we encourage all our clients to have a consultation with one of technicians to discuss your options and take you through the microblading process step by step. We also highly recommend you do some independent research and speak to any friends or family you know have had microblading in the past.

In general, we recommend microblading for any woman looking for fuss-free, beautiful brows that require minimal upkeep. They’re especially good for women who are short on time but don’t like to compromise when it comes to looking their best. If you have an active lifestyle, you can rest assured that microbladed brows will last through any kind of exercise or adventure.

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