How to care for your hair after getting highlights

How to care for your hair after getting highlights

Spring is in the air. In addition to breaking out the feather duster and scrubbing away the remnants of winter in our homes, spring is an ideal time to change up your look. April brings with it hotter days and more hours of sunshine, so it’s no surprise that many of us are spending more time outdoors socialising with family and friends. (Which means it’s time to show off just how gorgeous you are!)

Just as we update our wardrobe with summer pieces, so too do a lot of us change our hair colour with the seasons. Getting highlights or going blonde for the hotter months is a global phenomenon and we see hundreds of people coming to salons in Abu Dhabi around this time of year who are looking to refresh their style and get a boost of confidence.

Here at our award-winning roots Salons we pride ourselves on applying some of the most natural, beautiful highlights in the country. Like any chemical treatment, highlights need to be properly cared for if you want to keep your hair looking vibrant and soft for as long as possible. Follow these tips to keep ensure your highlights stay in good condition:

Targeted shampoo and conditioner

It’s always good advice to choose shampoo and conditioner that specifically targets your hair’s needs, but it’s especially important in the case of hair that’s undergone bleaching. Choosing salon-quality products designed for coloured hair can increase the longevity of your tone and prevent hair from becoming dull. If you have blonde hair, it’s also a good idea to use a silver shampoo every one to two weeks to help prevent brassiness.

Heat protection and UV protection

We’re not going to tell you to chuck out the GHDs and stop blow drying your locks – it just isn’t feasible! What you must do however is ensure that before you begin heat styling, your hair is properly protected with heat defence spray. You should also make friends with UV protection products too. The sun damages our hair just like it does our skin, so it’s important to keep it safe during those long, hot spring/summer days.

Regular trims

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog you will have seen the post we shared earlier this month on the importance of regular haircuts. The points made there ring just as true when highlights are taken into consideration. When you book in for regular trims at a salon in Abu Dhabi you aren’t needlessly lopping off your gorgeous highlights – you’re actually protecting your hair from damage. Chemically treated, and especially bleached, hair is always weaker and more brittle than virgin hair. With regular trims you can stop split ends in their tracks and keep your style looking fresh for longer.

Avoid hot water

We’re not suggesting icy showers here (unless that’s your thing, we personally love a good cold shower when the heat really hits!) but it’s best to wash your hair in cooler water as it helps to “seal in” your hair colour for longer. Hot water will strip the tone out of your highlights much faster and can also leave it feeling drier and weaker. Go for a tepid temperature – even if it means having to turn down the heat mid-shower.

If you’ve recently highlighted your hair at a salon in Abu Dhabi or are considering a change in style this April, we hope this guide has helped you feel better equipped to take care of your highlights. If you would like to book in for some highlights or indulge in a nourishing hair treatment (both is definitely best!) than get in touch with the hair experts at roots Salons here.


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