How to choose an iconic Essie nail polish for your next Dubai nail salon visit

How to choose an iconic Essie nail polish for your next Dubai nail salon visit

Essie is one of the world’s favourite nail brands for a reason. Beginning in 1981, the brand was launched with just 12 shades by Essie Weingarten in Las Vegas, Nevada. The polishes quickly began selling in nail salons in the southern states of the US before spreading all over the country. Today, there are hundreds of shades sold in beauty stores and salons all around the globe. Dubai nail salons love Essie for their iconic shades, high-shine finish and long lasting formula, and their clients choose Essie for exactly the same reasons.

Fun fact: The are only three nail polish shades from the original launch still in production: Bordeaux, a deep wine; Blanc, a stark white and Baby’s Breath, a soft white used for French manicure tips.

We know that one of the biggest challenges when you come in for a manicure is choosing a polish colour. Should you go with the seasons, choosing pastels in spring and neons for summer? Match them to your favourite lipstick? (The matchy-matchy lips and tips trend will always be a classic in our books.) Or choose to complement a particular outfit? The choices are endless and it can be totally paralysing when you’re eyeing up the Essie display!

To help you pick, we’re going to take a look at some of the most iconic Essie polishes ever created and hopefully give you some nail inspo.


This classic, grown-up pink is beloved around the world for its natural finish and feminine colour. With a sheer base, it’s ideal for for creating French manicures and has even won awards. It’s ideal for the elegant woman on-the-go and is super versatile. This shade wouldn’t look out of place in the office or on your wedding day.


Feeling sexy? This hot, raspberry pink is perfect for parties and will give any look a carefree, holiday vibe. Fiesta is actually one of the oldest Essie shades still available. Legend has it that Essie herself fell in love with the shade of a pincushion that she had and immediately took it to the chemist to get the colour replicated as polish.

Bikini So Teeny

This beautiful shimmery cornflower blue is one of the best selling Essie shades for good reason. It evokes all the vibes of relaxing by the pool with a cocktail and taking cute Instagram shots of your nails sparkling in the sunshine… We’re already booking our flights!

Mint Candy Apple

This minty cult-classic was all the rage just a few years ago when the shade was on everything from clothing to kitchenware. Nowadays, the hype has died down and we can appreciate this icon for what it is — a stunning spring shade that every woman should try at least once.

Topless and Barefoot

A universally flattering nude polish can feel like a never-ending quest. Whether shades are too dark, too pink, too yellow or too pale… there always seems to be something not quite right. Well, stop right there because your journey is over. Topless and Barefoot is the taupey-beige shade of your dreams that manages to be both elegant and effortless.

Ballet Slippers

Finally… the legend to end all legends, Ballet Slippers. This shade has been a favourite in Dubai nail salons and in the polish collections of women for decades. It’s Essie’s all time best selling shade and is rumoured to be the only polish that the queen of England has worn since 1989 when Essie Weingarten first sent over a box at the request of the queen’s personal hairdresser. If it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for us!

We hope this quick guide has helped inspire you for your next Dubai nail salon visit! If you’re ready to book in a manicure (or just fancy a chat about our fave Essie shades) get in touch today. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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