Is a classic facial right for you?

Is a classic facial right for you?

For your skin, every day is a constant onslaught of sun damage, air pollution ( and other daily stresses. A comprehensive, targeted skincare routine and protective sun care can mitigate a lot of the damage, but only an intensive facial contains the kind of active ingredients and professional techniques required to repair longer-term damage and reveal a smooth and glowing complexion. Facials can improve skin elasticity, combat acne, and offer deep cleansing. With so many options for classic facials, the best way to discover if one is right for your unique skin concerns is to visit a beauty salon in Dubai and consult with a professional aesthetician. To help get you informed and make a choice about whether or not a classic facial is right for you, here’s a quick guide.

What is a facial?

Facials are the world’s most popular non-surgical skin enhancement. They involve a series of treatments that use a variety of different techniques and products, but the intention is always to restore a healthy-looking, clear complexion and balance the skin. They leave your skin feeling soft and fresh and are a great way of reducing stress and indulging in a little relaxation.

A professional beauty salon in Dubai will provide more than an average cleanse, tone and moisturise during a facial. The treatments are chosen to complement your personal skin type and the kind of results you wish to achieve. Using steam will open up the pores to allow dirt to be extracted, a scrub or peel will remove dead skin cells, facial massages are used to increase circulation and drain toxins, and masks are applied to firm, brighten and or rehydrate the skin. Some modern treatments include to use of ice-cold rollers, electrical stimulants and the application of products like blood or snail slime! (Though these are admittedly pretty specialist.)

What’s it like getting a facial?

With so many products and treatments available to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate all the options. By booking a consultation with a professional aesthetician in Dubai, you can develop a package that will leave you rested and looking glowy and youthful. They will ask you questions about your skin condition, any particular areas of concern and your current lifestyle. From this, they will suggest treatments and active ingredients that will work best with your skin. For mini-facials, a 30 minute session is typical, but expect anything up to two hours for the full version.

Regular facials can (and really should be) part of your regular skincare routine. They give your skin an extra special boost and can increase the efficacy of your usual skin products. They’re also an ideal way of escaping the stresses of everyday life and taking a couple of hours out for yourself to relax and recharge.

Ready to have a chat with a professional aesthetician at a beauty salon in Dubai? Contact Roots Salon today to book your appointment. We’ve got a fantastic selection of facial treatments available and would love to discuss some options with you!


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