Is microblading worth it?

Is microblading worth it?

When you hear “face tattoos” your mind probably conjures up an image of gang members and imposing guys hanging around bars in the rough end of town. Not exactly the sort of thing stylish ladies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known for! But what if we told you a “face tattoo” could actually mean getting the best brows of your life? Now we’re talking!

Okay, so calling it a face tattoo is a bit disingenuous. What we really mean is the miraculous semi-permanent brow treatment known as microblading. If you’re like most beauty-conscious people in the UAE, you’ve probably already seen microblading (also sometimes known as eyebrow embroidery) all over social media and especially on Instagram. There’s plenty of impressive before-and-afters out there but there’s also a lot of misinformation and confusion about what exactly microblading is and whether or not it’s really worth it.

We’re going to be upfront and tell you what we think right now — it’s absolutely worth it. In January we published a guide that explains what it is and how the technique is done, so if you want to brush up on your microblading knowledge you should check that out first. Today, we’re going to tell you exactly why it’s worth it (and why you should call your local Roots Salon right now to book an appointment!)

It saves time

Whether you just fill in sparse areas with powder or create an entirely new brow shape every morning with gels and pencils, there’s no denying we spend more time than ever on our brows. I know that before I personally tried microblading, I was spending upwards of 10 minutes every morning just on perfecting my brows, not to mention the countless hours I spent researching and trying new products. Once you’ve had microblading, your eyebrows will always be done and ready to go.

It always looks natural

If you go to a professional aesthetician for your microblading, they’ll use advanced techniques to create a brow shape that’s perfectly suited to your natural bone structure. They’ll also use a custom blend of specialist pigments to create the most flattering shade of brow for your skin and hair colour. This, combined with the fact that microblading involves applying pigment in fine, feathery strokes, means your brows will always look perfectly natural. Accidentally going overboard and ending up with solid blocks of colour will be a thing of the past!

No upkeep to worry about

When the sun is beating down or you’re staying active in the gym (or mall, shopping totally counts as cardio) your makeup can wind up looking less than flawless. Taking the time to re-shape your brows in the middle of your day can be a real pain. With microblading, your brows won’t need any extra attention! If you wanted to take it one step further, you could also opt for lash tinting or eyelash extensions meaning you can forgo mascara when you’re rocking a more natural look.

Have we convinced you that microblading is totally worth it? If you’d like to get some more information or are ready to book an appointment at roots Salon, get in touch today.

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