The importance of regular haircuts

The importance of regular haircuts

There aren’t many of us that are really getting our hair cut as often as we should at a salon in Abu Dhabi. It’s certainly not a rarity for many women to go as long as a year (or even more in some cases!) between cuts. Doing this might save you a few Dhs but it certainly isn’t healthy for your hair.

A haircut isn’t just about changing your style or losing length, it also makes it more manageable, reduces frizz and promotes healthy growth. One thing haircuts can’t do is make your hair grow any faster. This is a common myth that was dispelled long ago.

What they actually do is remove breakage at the tips that can make your hair appear thinner and, as a result, shorter. If split ends are allowed to persist, they can travel up the hair shaft and cause serious damage that could require a drastic cut to salvage. If you’ve avoided visiting a salon in Abu Dhabi for that long, we’d guess you’re probably not in the market for a pixie cut. (Though they are bang on trend for 2018 so if you have been considering it there’s no time like the present!)

If you’re in the process of growing your hair out, regular trims will keep your growth healthy. Estimating the rate of hair growth is difficult as it varies so much based on your genetics and environment, however, most experts agree that it’s in the vicinity of half an inch per month. This means that losing a quarter inch every six to eight weeks won’t have much of an impact on the overall length, it’ll just prevent those pesky split ends.

Another often overlooked benefit of regular haircuts is that they can save you time and money in daily styling. Keeping your cut fresh will ensure that you continue to get the benefits of it, whether you initially wanted the weight taking out or additional texture with a shaggy cut. Attempting to get the same effect with products and heat styling every morning can have your hair feeling weighed down and frazzled.

One way you can increase the value of regular haircuts is to ensure that you visit the same hairdresser or at the very least, the same salon in Abu Dhabi. By doing this, they can keep an eye on the condition of your hair over time and make educated recommendations on steps to address any problems. They’ll also be better equipped to guide you towards products that can help you achieve specific results such as boosting shine, caring for coloured hair or preventing frizz.

As we age and with some medical conditions, our hair type can actually change, and chemical processes can make a big difference in how well you hair responds to certain products and styling techniques. Because of this, it’s important to regularly visit a professional hairdresser who can help you be proactive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and now understand the importance of making regular appointments at a salon in Abu Dhabi. If you would like to book an appointment with roots Salon, please get in touch here. We look forward to you becoming a regular!


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