What Exactly is a Lash Lift?

What Exactly is a Lash Lift?


Long, flirty lashes are the perfect finishing touch to every look. A lot of women think they need to turn to lash extensions or falsies to get their lashes looking their best, but Dubai’s best-kept lash-styling secret is going mainstream. Women everywhere are discovering the power of lash lifts.

How is a Lash Lift Different From Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have become a go-to solution for women who want a longer-lasting falsie effect. They add volume, length and curl without the stress of self-application. And, unless you’re in the know, most people also can’t tell you have them. But extensions can quickly become addictive, and there are some downsides. Not only are they generally more expensive than an eyelash lift, some people find that they can leave their own lashes feeling thinner and more prone to damage. There are also a number of rules you need to follow to keep them looking their best: no rubbing your eyes, no sleeping on your side, no sleeping masks and no mascara amongst others.

With an eyelash lift in Dubai, you can get the best of both worlds. The lift and curl of lash extensions without the restrictive conditions and potential impact on your natural lashes. So what exactly is a lash lift?

It’s a lot like a perm for your lashes. Using a chemical solution, your lashes are pressed and set in a curl. It’s a similar effect to what you can achieve with a good mechanical eyelash curler, just with a lot more control, a little extra lift and of course it lasts much longer.

What Does the Process of an Eyelash Lift in Dubai Involve?

The very first step is to have a consultation with your lash artist who will ask you some questions about how you typically wear your lashes and what your aims are for your lash lift. Lash lifts are highly customizable, so if you like your lashes to be more fanned out to give a cat-eye appearance, prefer a brow-skimming dramatic look or like a more natural curl, your technician can help you achieve it.

After cleansing the lashes and ensuring the bottom lashes are fully separated from the top, a silicone shield is stuck to the upper eyelid with a gentle adhesive (a lot like the glue used to apply false lashes). Adhesive is then applied on top of the shield and the lashes are brushed up into your preferred shape. At this point, the eye-safe perming solution is applied. It’s left on for between six and 12 minutes. If the hair on your head typically has a hard time holding a curl (often meaning it’s thick and naturally straight), your lashes will likely behave similarly. If this is the case, let your technician know and they’ll keep the chemical mixture on a little longer.

After this, a setting solution is applied. This hardens the lashes and restructures the bonds to lock them into shape. The lash artist will then gently coat the lashes with a nourishing lotion that contains keratin, aloe vera, grapeseed oil and a humectant that attracts moisture – among a few other active ingredients. It’s like a deep conditioning! The whole process takes as little as an hour and last for between six and eight weeks.

Think an eyelash lift in Dubai could be for you? Get in touch with the professionals at roots Salons today to hear more about how lash lifts work, and book in your appointment.


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