What is Microblading?

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the latest must-have in semi-permanent makeup for beauty-conscious people everywhere. You can’t spend ten minutes on Instagram or walk down Al Wasl Road without seeing top European salons in Dubai offering the service. But what exactly is microblading? And why is it so popular? Read on to find out.

It’s no secret that brows are having a real moment in the spotlight right now. The past few years have seen the re-emergence of the strong, beautiful brow we all loved before barely-there, pencil-thin brows reigned in the 90s and 2000s. (Plenty of us are still recovering from teenage years spent plucking the poor things into oblivion!)

People everywhere with naturally thick brows gave a sigh of relief — the persecution was over. Evenings hunched over a magnifying mirror with a pair of a tweezers could become a distant memory. Of course, in their place came the pressure to have perfectly-filled and defined brows at all times. Your makeup routine suddenly had some new steps and a deluge of brow products promising to give you the look everyone was now aspiring to flooded the market. The rise of the “Instagram brow” set a whole new standard for the perfect makeup look and more and more time had to be spent shaping and styling your brows.

Enter microblading. If you want to put down the powders, pencils, gels, stamps and goodness knows what else, it’s time to try something that doesn’t need half an hour to reapply every morning.

How microblading works

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves applying a customised mix of pigments beneath the upper layers of skin using natural, feathery strokes that mimic the appearance of real hair. Each stroke is done individually using a fine needle by a highly-trained technician. The pigments used are mineral-based and the results, whilst long-lasting, will not be permanent.

Finding your ideal brow shape is an ongoing journey for many men and women, but microblading will end the search. Your technician will take precise measurements of your face using your natural bone structure as a guide. These measurements create the perfect brow shape for each individual, designed to lift your features, draw attention to your eyes and compliment your face shape.

One of the concerns we hear often is that people believe permanent and semi-permanent makeup is painful to apply, often likening it to a tattoo. Whilst some old-fashioned techniques were certainly like this, microblading is a lot less painful than the sharp sting of a tattoo needle. The equipment used and the skills involved make it one of the least invasive semi-permanent makeup techniques available. Reputable technicians will be happy to provide numbing creams and expert advice on staying relaxed during the procedure — so you certainly shouldn’t let nerves stop you getting the best brows of your life!

The procedure itself takes between one and a half to two hours and an additional touch up will be needed about a month after the initial session. The true colour and clarity of your brows will emerge over a few weeks simply because of the way your skin heals, so don’t panic if you feel like you can’t see results right after your appointment!

Once fully healed, your new look will last for around two years, but regular touch ups can of course extend this.

Ready to get the luscious brows you’ve always dreamed of? Book a microblading appointment with roots Salon today.

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