Why Eyebrows are Your Most Important Feature

Why Eyebrows are Your Most Important Feature

It’s 2018. We all know the importance of a good brow. For a lot of women, leaving the house without at least combing through their brows is unthinkable (and for many others, regular microblading appointments at a top Dubai salon keep theirs looking their best). After the deeply depressing trend for pencil-thin brows died out in the late 2000s, a fuller, thicker brow became de rigeur for celebrities, and beauty icons like Cara Delevingne inspired all of us to put down the tweezers and embrace a new grooming regime.

Believe it or not, eyebrows are consistently determined to be the most significant feature on a person’s face. You might think it’s your button nose, deep brown eyes or full lips that make you face stand out in a crowd, but science says it’s your brows. A study in 2015 conducted by the University of Lethbridge in Canada found that when people were shown 25 images of celebrities without eyes, and 25 celebrities without eyebrows, participants struggled more with identifying the brow-less celebs. The conclusion? Brows are more important than eyes for creating a lasting impression.

A well-groomed brow, especially one that has been designed especially for you by an expert microblading technician, has many significant perks. It’s not a well-known trick, but full brows with a soft arch can actually make you appear more youthful. The shape has a subtle lifting effect and can make your eyes look larger.

Microblading can also help you better frame your eyes. Have you ever met someone that always looked just a little bit angry? Their relaxed face gives off a serious “stay away from me” vibe and you’re constantly wondering if someone has been bugging them. A lot of the time, this is down to an unflattering brow shape that has too much of an arch and dips down too low in the centre. With proper grooming, you can show off your sunny disposition without even opening your mouth!

Another way that groomed brows can impact your overall appearance is that they can be used to help balance your face. No human being is completely symmetrical, but facial symmetry is closely associated with attractiveness. By using microblading to increase the symmetry of your brows, and by shaping them in a way that flatters your face shape, you can instantly appear more balanced and beautiful. For example, flatter brows can make faces appear shorter, so if you wanted to balance out a longer, slimmer face, they can be a great option!

Our eyebrows have been through a lot over the years. Trends have come and gone, and new techniques and products have been invented to help us look and feel our best. One thing that will never change is how important they are. If you want to get the best, most flattering brows of your life (and why wouldn’t you when you know what a difference a good brow can make?!) Speak to a microblading technician at roots Salon today to book your first appointment. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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