Why roots Salons only use ORLY nail polishes

Why roots Salons only use ORLY nail polishes


Is a look really ever complete without a fresh manicure from a nail salon in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? There’s just something about looking down at a glossy mani and feeling like the epitome of femininity and glamour. Here at roots Salons, we know the importance of having your nails look their absolute best. The experience of a manicure is so much more than just a reshape and a fresh coat of polish. It’s about taking some time out for a little treat that’s exclusively yours, for no other reason than you want to feel beautiful and pampered.

One nail polish company that upholds our belief in beauty treatments being something that not only makes you look good, but feel good too, is ORLY. That’s why we recently decided to make ORLY the sole provider of polishes for our nail salons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Since the inception of the brand in 1975 by company founder Jeff Pink, ORLY has represented innovation, sophistication and a love of beauty that extends to the world around us. ORLY colour is vegan, cruelty free and void of any harmful ingredients traditionally used in nail polish like DBP, Toulene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and more. To this day, it remains a family-owned business based in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Fun Fact: ORLY Founder Jeff Pink invented the French Manicure when he was looking for a natural nail look to help Hollywood actresses speed up the time between wardrobe changes. When the style was spotted on the runways of Paris, it became forever known as the French Manicure.

What makes ORLY different?

ORLY does more than just produce fun nail polish colours. They’re dedicated to caring for nails with innovative prep products and treatments that can nourish, protect, add shine and shorten dry time. They also place customer education high on their list of our priorities. They offer a variety of step-by-step videos and written tutorials on keeping your nails strong, healthy and looking great between visits to your local nail salon in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

ORLY invest in technology that makes it easier than ever to provide the best quality manicures. Their nail polish brushes have 600 bristles that fan out to provide one-swipe coverage from cuticle to nail tip. The bottles also feature the patented Gripper Cap which allows for unprecedented control and precision.

At ORLY, experts and trendsetters are always on the lookout for bold new colours and textures for their customers to fall in love with. With over 150 shades in their permanent collection, and regular limited-edition releases, there’s sure to be a colour that matches your personal style.

Ready for your first ORLY manicure? Book your appointment at your local roots nail salon in Dubai or Abu Dhabi today. You won’t be disappointed!


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