Your Ultimate Guide to Nail Shapes

Your Ultimate Guide to Nail Shapes

When you’re heading to your local nail salon in Dubai for a fresh manicure, you probably think the only real choice you have to mull over is which shade of polish to pick. You might also want a bit of sparkle or even some creative nail art, but it’s not often that we change up the shape of our nails. Well, you just might be missing out on a great way to express your personality and make your hands appear more graceful and elegant. Here’s your quick guide to seven of the world’s most popular nail shapes. (You just might find some inspiration for your next visit to a nail salon in Dubai!)

1. Round

A round nail is a classic shape that suits most women. It’s often recommended to women who consider their fingers to be short or chubbier. Both round and almond shapes (we’ll get to those in a second!) elongate the finger and make hands appear more slender and elegant. They also make great bases for trying out new nail art.

2. Almond

Almond nails are wider at the base with more slender tips that come to a peak. (Much like a real almond!) They’re a great option for women with a wider natural nail bed, as it draws the eye up to the narrower tip. They’re a popular and stylish choice for celebrities.

3. Oval

Oval shapes start similarly to almond nails, but the tip is much blunter and softer. Both these styles require a longer natural nail. If yours are naturally weaker, you’re better off sticking to a low-maintenance style like round nails or opting for acrylics.

4. Square

Square nails are much bolder than the more natural shapes explored above. They’re perfectly flat across the top with straight, sharp edges. They’re a great vehicle for loud and proud polish shades or experimental nail art. If you’re concerned about your fingers appearing short or chubby avoid square nails as they can make your nails look shorter and wider.

5. Squoval

Squoval (read: square/oval) are the best of both worlds. If you like the flat edge of the square shape but aren’t on board with sharp corners, these are the nails for you. They’re ideal for people looking for a simple, elegant and low-maintenance nail style.

6. Stiletto

Want to inject some serious drama into your look? Ask for stiletto nails at your next visit to a nail salon in Dubai. A stiletto nail is a lot like an extended almond shape – the wider base files down to a sharp point giving you a spiky mani to be proud of. To keep it more couture than crypt-keeper, opt for light and bright polish shades. (Though black and blood-red make great choices for a finishing touch to your halloween costume!)

7. Coffin (or Ballerina)

A coffin (or for it’s much less ominous name, ballerina) nail, is similar to the stiletto nail shape but ends with a squared off tip. The finished look is much like the top of a coffin (or ballerina slipper!). This is another style that needs to be managed with panache. Only for the bravest souls, coffin nails require a strong base and some significant length. For that reason, it’s best to do it with false nails.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Nail technicians and enthusiastic amateurs around the world are coming up with new styles all the time. For example, how about a lipstick nail? It ends in a sharp point at one side, and slopes down toward the nail bed on the other! Or even a trapeze, which is wider at the nail tip than the base!

Whatever style you choose, be sure to come to your local roots nail salon in Dubai. Our expert manicurists would love to help you discover a brand new look to fall in love with! Book your appointment online today.


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